Saturday, December 26, 2015

KL - SG. Home!

26 Dec 2015 Sat

Hotel Transit breakfast has a better spread today but we made a dash for the food, then for the bus 690 leaving Ancasa hotel at 8am.

We left earlier than expected,  this time standing all the 15 minutes ride. KL is still in a slumber and we got there in no time.

We spent 2 hours over coffee and cakes before getting onto the SG bound Causeway link.

Though the bus left TBS on time, the journey though smooth was interrupted by lots of pickups along the expressway. Off Kulai toll plaza, in JB, at Yong Peng etc. We even made a stop for fuel at Tampoi. I was fuming made at the express service! We have no problems with the driver moonlighting but not on my parade – hello!

We made it to Jurong East, almost 5.5 hours after we boarded the bus. Tired and grouchy, we made the last leg back by way of mrt and bus. It will be a while before we contemplate going into Msia by bus. Or perhaps never. That much I know about myself – I am not good in waiting and traveling off my plans. Esp when the driver isn’t me.

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